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Reduce your CAPEX while driving scale and ROI for your telco services, through automation powered by Dimensions

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Transform Your Telecom Business

Dimensions is a revolutionary Digital Monetization Platform designed specifically for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs).

Dimensions offers a robust web-based interface empowering business users to configure new products, bundle partner services, and engage customers with comprehensive offers, accelerating usage and increasing revenue.

Key Features & Modules

Partner LifeCycle Mgmt

Partner Management

Seamlessly manage your business relationships with an intuitive and comprehensive partner ecosystem interface.

Product Configuration

Product Catalogue

An extensive catalogue system that allows for the agile creation and management of telecom products and services.

Digital Enablement

Subscription & Billing Management

A flexible module offering a variety of billing options including flat billing, monthly recurring billing, usage-based billing, and outcome-based billing.


Invoicing and Reporting

Simplify your financial operations with streamlined invoicing and gain valuable insights with advanced reporting tools.


Offers, Bundles, and Discounts

Attract and retain customers by easily creating compelling offers and bundles. Implement dynamic discount strategies to boost customer loyalty and drive sales.

The core platform

Why Dimensions?

Disrupt the industry and bring more intuitive product offers without the hassle of time-consuming transformation projects.

Charging & Subscription

Rapid Integration

As a SaaS platform, Dimensions ensures swift and effortless integration with your existing systems, significantly reducing setup times.

Product Catalogue

No CapEx Required

With no capital expenditure needed, you can leverage our platform to innovate and expand your services without the financial burden.

Digitral SDP

Designed for MVNOs & MVNEs

Tailored specifically for the needs of MVNOs and MVNEs, Dimensions offers the tools and flexibility required to navigate the unique challenges of the telecom industry.

Accelerate Your Growth with Dimensions

Embrace the future of telecom with a platform that understands your business. Whether you're looking to introduce new products, expand your revenue streams, or engage more deeply with your customers, Dimensions provides the infrastructure and support to make your goals a reality.

Get in touch with us today to discover how Dimensions can transform your digital monetization strategy and propel your business to new heights.


Dimensions brings your vision to life